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Rune Olsen
Too Drunk To Fuck: Father & Son #2
2009, graphite, masking tape, paper, welded steel wire & acrylic medium on painted wood pedestal, 63 x 31 x 27 inches (160 x 79 x 69 cm)

Too Drunk To Fuck is a project composed of drawings/collages and sculptures based on images found on various websites dedicated to amateur videos of people fighting: uploads from video-phones, school fights, home videos, and secret footage. Divided into four series: Father and Son, Fat Girls, The A&F Boys and Monogamy, the project examines the impulsive and subconscious relationship between alcohol, sex and violence. These compositions of blurry still-images of people fighting offset by fluorescent backgrounds are funny and sad at the same time, I am particularly interested in the ambiguity between lust and violence, sensory and cultured. Alcohol is a social lubricant that has been instrumental in the development of human society for thousands of years - it is shroud in culture and connoisseurship and yet is also a medium that can reveal intrinsic animal instincts. Losing ones inhibition while intoxicated, the ‘holleration’, the straight talking, flirtation, the instinctual prowl and the possible rejection, or jealousy, competition, etc. are all apart of the continuous internal fight we straddle everyday consciously and unconsciously.

For VoltaNY I will be showing the 1st part of Too Drunk To Fuck: Father & Son, a series that examines the Oedipus complex, the sexual attraction, the aversion and inherent threat between father and son. I will also be exhibiting, Bear Paintings, a series of painting/collages where the heads of models from adult magazines have been painted over with a portraits of a bear leaving their eyes to stare back at us much like an evocative trophy. -- Rune Olsen